More international partners to invest in TI Food and Nutrition

Broadening the scope in food research with the novel theme Oral Health.

17 January 2012 - TI Food and Nutrition is delighted to announce the partnership with ACTA Dental Research (The Netherlands), Cargill (Belgium), GlaxoSmithKline (Great Britain), Philips Research (The Netherlands) and Wrigley (USA). With these new partners TI Food and Nutrition is broadening its scope with a brand new research theme: Oral Health. Oral Health is an area that is of growing importance to the food industry.

With the new theme Oral Health TI Food and Nutrition aims to develop fundamental and applied knowledge and technology to build next generation strategies for its partners by focusing on understanding, maintaining and promoting the healthy status of the oral cavity and the mouth. The human oral cavity is the entry point for all foods and drinks, and the first active step of the digestive system. Furthermore, the health and hygiene status of the mouth can play a prominent role in social comfort of individuals during verbal and non-verbal communication. A decreased oral health can have a significant impact on systemic health as well as on social functioning and well being. Multiple fields of technical expertise, including microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and bioinformatics will collaborate in this new area.

The five new partners have a common interest in oral health from different health perspectives. ACTA Dental Research ranks among the top five research institutes in the world in the field of dentistry. Next to performing scientific research in dentistry and oral health, ACTA Dental Research educates dentists and provides patient care. Cargill is an international producer and marketer of agricultural and industrial products,with a portfolio of food ingredients that includes those providing oral health benefits. GlaxoSmithKline is a global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company with leading brands in oral health and denture care products. Philips Research innovates in the area of health and well-being for Philips, a company well known for its leading brands in oral healthcare products. Wrigley is leading in confections with a wide range of products including chewing gum, mints and confectionery.

“I am excited to welcome these four international companies as key players to our alliance, including companies specialising in personal and oral health care”, says Dr Jan Maat, managing director of TI Food and Nutrition. “We have great expectations of the new partnership, bringing together the expertise of food and personal care. We are proud to be expanding our multinational network, helping us to achieve our goal of becoming the leading food research institute in Europe”.

TI Food and Nutrition is a leading institute in food and nutrition research in Europe. Operating as a public-private partnership, TI Food and Nutrition carries out long-term strategic research to enhance innovation in the food industry in developing and to meet the global challenges of healthy diets, safe and tasty foods and sustainable production.


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