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A healthy lifestyle is an essential element to release the potential of every individual. Sufficient energy levels as well as macronutrients, adequate mineral and vitamin intake, all combined with a physically active lifestyle are the recipe for good health. When these elements are out of balance, then health becomes jeopardised.  Therefore, developing and maintaining societal health capital is a major driver of the agri-food chain.

In the past 20 years food industry has invested to develop foods that help consumers maintain their health potential. However, health effects of food items are often relative small and can manifest after days, but also after decades. In addition, life style aspects as sleep, stress, exercise further complicate interpretation and make it a challenge to attribute health benefits to food products or diets and subsequently change consumer behaviour. More detailed phenotyping of individuals and mapping of interacting lifestyle factors in nutritional research will enable scientists to determine the nutritional benefits for individuals more precisely and develop incentives for consumers to make healthy choices.



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