A shared ambition

Great-tasting food with substantially reduced sugar and salt content, fat-free products with a soft, creamy texture, substances that mimic calorie restriction and the mechanisms behind the beneficial effects of probiotics. These are just a few of the recent innovations and discoveries that originated from TI Food and Nutrition’s precompetitive research.

High-impact innovation
Today’s challenges in food and nutrition, including the food chain, require innovative answers to a range of fundamental questions. TI Food and Nutrition brings together industry, science and government with a shared ambition to provide the knowledge base needed for high-impact innovation in food and nutrition. We also address the question of how partners in the food chain can improve food-system efficiency and reduce food waste.

'In our journey towards harmonising scientific research in Europe, TI Food and Nutrition is a beacon of excellence, a superb example of collaboration in practice.'
Prof. Dr Hannelore Daniel, Chair of the scientific Advisory Board of the Joint Programming Initiative A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life
Fundamental strategic research
As a public-private partnership, we conduct studies that individual companies or research institutes cannot manage alone. Together with our industry partners we define long-term goals for fundamental, interdisciplinary research. We exchange knowledge and share expertise, research facilities, cost and risk.

Economic growth
TI Food and Nutrition is one of the major public-private partnerships within the Top sector Agri&Food, which is one of the nine Innovation Areas defined by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs as key for economic growth and investment. TI Food and Nutrition contributed to the Agri&Food Innovation Contract in several innovation themes, especially in the Growth Diamond Higher Added Value position.

Innovate with us: pioneering scientific breakthroughs for economic growth and social wellbeing


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