8 Business Examples of Sentiment Analysis in Action

Sentiment Analysis in the Government Sector

With these actionable insights on hand, the client was able to make the changes necessary to ensure client satisfaction and an increase in business. Almost every industry, company or organization today is going through some form of digital transformation that results in greater and greater quantities of both structured and unstructured data. Any industry can benefit from text analytics and sentiment analysis, as all industries collect data and require that it is transformed into actionable, tangible intelligence that can be applied to drive change. Here are some real-world use cases of sentiment analysis across industries and geographies that demonstrate this.

semantic analysis example

The same concept is applied to for Review sentiment analysis in a restaurant chain based on star ratings. This solved the puzzle for the client who couldn’t figure why business was slowing down despite a high star rating. The method focuses on extracting different entities within the text. The technique helps improve the customer support or delivery systems since machines can extract customer names, locations, addresses, etc.

Example of S-attributed grammar

Natural language processing is a way of manipulating the speech or text produced by humans through artificial intelligence. Thanks to NLP, the interaction between us and computers is much easier and more enjoyable. All of the rules assign attributes only to the left-hand side symbol, and all are based on the set of attribute values of the right-hand side symbols. If all of the attributes in an attribute grammar are synthesized (i.e., derived from children), then the attributed grammar is said to be “S-attributed”. Like the case of the new entrant in the health food market, it’s absolutely essential for a brand to know what about its product works and what doesn’t. No matter whether it’s a luxury watch manufacturer or an automotive giant, keeping abreast of what customers feel about the brand and what they expect from them, is as important for business growth as maintaining prestige.

semantic analysis example

The process of assigning values to a tree is called annotation or decoration. Or a completely interleaved compiler could intermix all of these stages, literally generating final code as part of the parsing engine. The method is very helpful since it estimates the urgency of someone’s request.

Semantic extractors

A clothing retail giant wants to analyze customer sentiments for changing industry trends and to stay ahead of competition. It approaches Repustate for a holistic view of its problem area and looks for in-depth semantic insights from social media websites, especially user-generated videos from TikTok. Repustate’s sentiment analysis and video content analysis solution studies thousands of TikTok videos and comments.

Every comment about the company or its services/products may be valuable to the business. Yes, basic NLP can identify words, but it can’t interpret the meaning of entire sentences and texts without semantic analysis. Thanks to semantic analysis within the natural language processing branch, machines understand us better. In comparison, machine learning ensures that machines keep learning new meanings from context and show better results in the future.

Thus, the company facilitates the order completion process, so clients don’t have to spend a lot of time filling out various documents. Keep reading the article to figure out how semantic analysis works and why it is critical to natural language processing. On subsequent calls with the CSRs, a historical data would get pulled up from the database, and so the CSR was able to offer the customer promotions and enquire if they were happy with the service. Applying sentiment analysis in business for voice of customer analysis not only increased customer satisfaction but also created more goodwill, leading to more customers for the bank.


Understand your data, customers, & employees with 12X the speed and accuracy. In simple words, typical polysemy phrases have the same spelling but various and related meanings. semantic analysis example In Sentiment Analysis, we try to label the text with the prominent emotion they convey. It is highly beneficial when analyzing customer reviews for improvement.

It can choose to have a single campaign, or have multiple ones based on the different factors it has new insights on. An international travel website company wants to know how best it can give personalized suggestions to savvy travelers by going semantic analysis example beyond star ratings for hotels, spas, motels, bed & breakfasts, and other such establishments. In an industry with very high competition and extremely picky customers, it’s not easy keeping in tune with the changing trends in the travel sector.

  • Natural language processing is a critical branch of artificial intelligence.
  • However, due to the vast complexity and subjectivity involved in human language, interpreting it is quite a complicated task for machines.
  • For instance, the word “cloud” may refer to a meteorology term, but it could also refer to computing.
  • If a request is negative, the company may want to react faster to solve the issue and save its reputation.

Your company’s clients may be interested in using your services or buying products. On the other hand, they may be opposed to using your company’s services. Based on this knowledge, you can directly reach your target audience. Logically, people interested in buying your services or goods make your target audience. A parser can use semantic actions to just build a syntax tree, and then use a separate semantic analyzer to decorate the tree. With an advanced TikTok social listening tool based on video AI, the retail giant can now use all this information to leverage its branding and marketing strategy as well.

Semantic Analysis Techniques

All this data was further broken down into a granular level to check if a customer sustained a negative overall sentiment below a certain score. If the software identified this, a text message was sent to the customer apologizing for the inconvenience and they were also offered discounts and other promotional offers. A large healthcare consultancy company called Health-Links, based in Jeddah, reached out to Repustate because it needed help in its efforts to improve the overall quality of healthcare in the Gulf region including villages.

With the information in hand, the bank was able to address the customer issues. It ensured that its branches not only had more tellers during high volume hours, but also never had unmanned teller stations during peak traffic times such as lunch time and after-office hours. With these new systems in place, not only did the bank see a reduction in attrition, but also an increase in new customers. The computer’s task is to understand the word in a specific context and choose the best meaning. In Natural Language, the meaning of a word may vary as per its usage in sentences and the context of the text. Word Sense Disambiguation involves interpreting the meaning of a word based upon the context of its occurrence in a text.

semantic analysis example