“Minor changes in food properties can have a major impact”

From sandwiches with cheese to French fries with mayonnaise: frequently-paired foods have received scant attention in research on eating behaviour and sensory science. A missed opportunity, according to TiFN PhD fellow Arianne van Eck, who found that relatively small changes in either carrier or condiment properties can have a major impact on eating rate and sensory perception. On Friday June 19, 2020, she graduated cum laude from Wageningen University & Research.

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Editorial InTouch

The Corona pandemic has major consequences for everyone, including TiFN. Fortunately, the team is healthy and flexible and we can largely work from home. We are easily accessible by e-mail. The planned TiFN project meetings are now set up Read more

Editorial: Gaining momentum

There are a couple of weeks left before we close the books for 2018. I know everybody is busy this time of year, but I do hope you will find a few minutes to read though our InTouch newsletter.

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Dr Peter van Dael, TiFN Board “The Dutch have made working together into an art.”

5 October – Nutrition sciences and their ultimate applicability to daily life should always go hand in hand, according to Dr Peter van Dael, Senior President Nutrition Science & Advocacy at DSM Nutritional Products, who joined the TiFN board Read more