Ground-breaking research in food and nutrition

TiFN is a unique platform where industry and academia converge and collaborate to create breakthrough innovations in food and nutrition. TiFN enables the food industry to tackle major societal issues and generate competitive advantage.

With the global population set to reach nine billion by the middle of this century, the industry is being challenged to develop sustainable solutions that safeguard food supply, food safety, human health and well-being. New directions, new approaches, new thinking are essential if we are to meet these challenges.

Such fundamental issues can only be solved via precompetitive, long-term, strategic research. TiFN chooses for an integrated approach with multiple disciplines investigating issue from different, perhaps unorthodox, angles. Research which can only succeed when industry, academia and government share expertise, knowledge and resources.

TiFN – originally established in 1997 – has earned recognition as a model earned recognition as a model of this approach. Through the years TiFN has accumulated a track record of high-impact publications and food innovations.

TiFN’s research programme focusses on themes within four different areas:

Industrial relevance, scientific excellence and operational excellence – the collaboration’s key strengths – are TiFN’s top priorities.



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