Integrated measurement and modelling

What is health? How do we define sustainability? Integrated measurement and modelling combines existing methodologies and datasets to create a holistic methodology for measuring performance, and to set improvement targets for sustainable production and healthier and more-sustainable diets.

Research scope

  • Combine existing methodologies and datasets into a holistic methodology to measure performance and set improvement targets for:
    • Sustainable production.
    • Reducing the gap between existing diets and diets optimised for health and sustainability.
  • Develop models to apply this holistic methodology.
    • To production areas (across all relevant agricultural sectors in that area).
    • To supply chains (across a number of different sourcing markets).
    • To consumer markets (across all major food categories in that market).
  • Methodology development.
  • Applying big-data analysis, together with complexity science, to formulate cross-domain models based on correlational, structural networks at different scales.

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