Microbes and Function

Understanding diversity and heterogeneity in populations – bacteria, moulds or people – is the premise of Microbes and Function to understand adaptive behaviour under varrying environmental conditions. Outcomes will provide leads for targeted interventions in food safety, functional fermentation and managing the human microbiota.

Investigating microbes has been a main TiFN research topic for over 18 years. We have studied micro-organisms from food safety and biotechnology perspectives. Projects range from microbial functionality in dairy fermentations, to the investigation of the role of oral and gastrointestinal microbiota in health and disease, and food safety and preservation.

The introduction of modern omics and imaging technologies has opened a vista of opportunities. These developments have made it possible to focus on individual differences within populations (diversity and heterogeneity). Understanding the mechanisms underlying these principles will enable us to control a wide range of processes involved in food safety and preservation, food fermentation and human health.

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