Mild processing and optimal use of biomass

Redesigning food production for minimal waste and footprint is the goal of Mild processing and optimal use of biomass. The programme is identifying how best to valorise existing biomass, long term, through enzyme technology, fermentation and other mild-processing approaches.

Research scope

  • Identify long-term potential to improve valorisation of existing biomass through mild processing (e.g. enzyme technology, fermentation).
    • Functionality from food; less waste.
    • More protein available for human consumption; potentially substituting animal for plant proteins.
    • More biomass available for biomaterials.
    • Use of alternative sources (algae, insects).
  • Identify pathways and requirements to deliver the identified potential.
    • Mild-processing technologies.
    • Substituting conventional assets with mild-processing technologies.
    • Plant breeding to enable improved biorefinery and valorisation of biomass.
    • Implications for value chain beyond processing.