Minimize food waste

Many sustainability issues are about achieving closed circles. Prevention of food waste is a key issue for the food industry. The challenge is to minimise downstream food waste, at point of sale – retail and food service – and by the consumer. For remaining waste, effective valorisation should be developed and packaging materials should also become circular in (re)use.

Research scope

  • Identify long-term potential of wasteprevention technologies and develop proofs of concepts for most-promising technologies
  • Processing for shelf-life extension
  • Fermentation for ‘recycling’ of unsold products and by-products into food
  • Packaging
  • Develop proofs of concepts for feedstock flexibility in food processing and related B2B acceptance of side streams
  • Develop proofs of concepts and business cases for logistical optimisation solutions
  • Collecting and distributing of side streams and overripe products
  • Optimised buying algorithms for retail and food service
  • Social-innovation model: how to enable consumers to avoid food waste as much as possible and accept less-standardised food products?


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