Minimize food waste

How to prevent food waste in food processing, at point of sale and by the consumer is the key issue in Minimize food waste. The programme aims to identify the long-term potential of waste-prevention solutions, and to develop proof-of-concepts and business models for the most promising solutions.

Research scope

  • Identify long-term potential of waste-prevention technologies and develop proofs-of- concept for most-promising technologies.
  • Processing to extend shelf-life.
  • Fermentation for ‘recycling’ of unsold products and by-products into foods.
  • Packaging.
  • Develop proofs-of-concept for feedstock flexibility in food processing and related B2B acceptance of side streams.
  • Develop proofs-of-concept and business cases for logistics-optimisation solutions.
  • Collection and distribution of side streams and overripe products.
  • Optimised, purchasing algorithms for retail and food services.
  • Social-innovation model: how to enable consumers to avoid food waste as much as possible and accept less-standardised food products?