Analysis: many alumni working at TiFN partner organizations

After graduating, many TiFN alumni find a job at one of the TiFN partners, according to an analysis of the careers of the (more than) 200 PhD candidates TiFN has delivered since 1998. For the vast majority, scientific research remains the common thread throughout their career.

In the past two decades, TiFN has delivered over 200 PhD students to the labour market. We know the positions of approximately 180 alumni: 47% work at a university institution, just pipping industry at 46%. In public research organizations, such as universities, public research institutes and universities of applied sciences most alumni work as (senior) scientists (74%), followed by assistant professors (12%) and lecturers (7%). Approximately 6% of alumni have risen to the rank of full professor.

In industry, too, a large proportion of PhD students work as scientists (79%). Other common professions are consultant (11%) and marketeer (7%). What is striking in the analysis is that a large proportion (47%) of the alumni work for current or former TiFN partners. Apparently, TiFN projects not only provide valuable knowledge, but also valuable new employees. Ronald Visschers is enthusiastic about this outcome: “In our projects we focus on a combination of scientific excellence, industrial relevance and societal acceptance. It is fantastic to see that this project approach consistently brings out the best in people.”