Editorial: new perspectives

It is my pleasure to present this InTouch newsletter.

There are a lot of developments and results that we like to share with you: New young scientists that have launched their careers as PhD’s, new project that have started and new agenda-setting initiatives where TiFN is involved. It is also my pleasure to announce that the TiFN staff is preparing a one-day retreat on September 27th for which our team-members will be invited. The aim is to share the TiFN experience, learn from each other’s experiences, and look into the future of TiFN. The one-day program will be exciting, and we hope to (re)start a good tradition. TiFN Food Summits we’re always highly regarded by the research and innovation communities that participated in these agenda-setting meetings. I hope this meeting can live up to that tradition.

In recent years, TiFN has teamed up with the Topsector Agri & Food and on the 6th of June we will jointly host the AgriFoodTop Symposium in Zwolle. The program promises to be very informative and exciting with updates about current and new TiFN activities in the area of consumer science, the Sustainable Food Inititative and the World Food Center Research Program.

Even though there are many positive developments For TiFN this year, we all miss Krijn Rietveld, our Chairman of the Board. He only took up this position last December. Together with Krijn and the TiFN staff I was eager to start to shape the future of TiFN. Krijn inspired me with his enthusiasm and decisive personality. I miss Krijn direly and it has been an enormous challenge to replace him on the TiFN board. We hope to announce his successor in the next few weeks and we will continue to work in his spirit to create a bright future for our institute.

Please enjoy our InTouch Newsletter and let’s stay in touch!

Ronald Visschers
Managing Director TiFN