Editorial InTouch: Generation of innovators

Being part of the TiFN network is all about knowing and understanding each other and sharing values. In a recent analysis we captured in what fields our 200+ PhDs are active. It’s an impressive list that illustrates how TiFN has not only contributed excellent science and industrial relevance, but also produced a generation of innovators like Ingeborg Boels and Jorn Trommelen, now making their mark in the food sector. Read on, for an interview with Ingeborg and Jorn and to learn more about our human capital.

To really get to know someone, you need to meet them in person. Therefore, the TiFN team hosted a second Retreat, this time against the backdrop of Safaripark de Beekse Bergen. A day for TiFN partners to inspire each other on the content, the way of working and to increase the value of the TiFN network. This edition of InTouch takes a retrospective look at that day.

The value of our TiFN network is based on excellent projects and relevant results, and we are delighted to see such projects coming to completion while new ones are beginning. Read about the review of the Plant Based Protein project and the new Sweet Tooth project.

The value of our TiFN network also needs to be communicated to the outside world. With this in mind the communication team, including Bert van Rees, Lisette de Jong and Steven Angelino, worked on our new TiFN Strategic Magazine that we were proud to present during the Retreat. The team has done a marvelous job and hard-copies will arrive on your desks soon!

I hope you all enjoy reading the new InTouch newsletter.