TiFN starts large research program together with TKI Agri & Food and NWO

25 January 2016 – This year, with support from the TKI Agri & Food and the NWO, TiFN will start a major research program in the field of food and nutrition. The program will be a mainstay of TIFN’s relaunch. In February, the current TiFN partners and other members of the (international) business community will be invited to consider the structure of the program. For the research subjects receiving the greatest support a Call for projects will be issued in April.

TiFN has played a key role in recent years in building and maintaining a strong knowledge sector in the food industry: within TiFN, industry and research institutes work closely together in ground-breaking research. Following the loss of the FES as a major source of funding, TiFN will continue to play this role. Among others in the new research program this year, with support from TKI Agri & Food and NWO will start.

Program budget €11 million
The new program will receive €5.5 million in public funding. Participating companies will contribute a further €5.5 million, increasing research capacity by a total of €11 million. The industry will benefit from strong leadership during the implementation of the program, with the innovation agenda of the Top Sector Agri & Food as the starting point. Programme directions could include, among other things, the development of new strategies to individualize dietary advice, new ways to assess the effectiveness of dietary interventions, and how to improve the sustainability of production processes and product quality. As with the TiFN NWO call (2015), businesses can commit to just those projects which closely parallel their own R & D strategies.

Call for participation
In order to identify which themes have the most support, TiFN is organising meetings with industry representatives, to take place on February 16 (Wageningen) and March 8 (Amersfoort). During the meetings, the concept and design of the research will be explained, together with the motivation for the Call; initial draft program ideas will also be presented and the business community will have the opportunity to present their own ideas. An interactive session will be used to determine which topics have the most appeal. Interested parties can register for the event via

Step 2: Call for projects
In April, partly based on the input from this meeting, there will be a Call for Projects. It is intended, in early 2017, to begin the research program, with the first approved projects.


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