TiFN Symposium 29 November: Sensory and liking – Inspiration for application

29 September 2016 – On November 29 TiFN will organise a symposium in Groningen titled ‘Sensory and Liking – Inspiration for application’. The symposium speakers present and discuss the scientific highlights and industrial relevancy achieved in the TiFN ‘Sensory and Liking’ project.

In the one-day program we aim to discuss the interplay between sensory systems and food-related emotions, new measurement methodologies to study food-related emotions and neuronal activity with fMRI, the impact of age, gender and health on taste and odor perception, and implications for product development. The symposium is accessible for researchers in the field of food science, industrial partners of TiFN, and other interested parties.


You can find all the details in the Symposium Leaflet.