Privacy statement

TiFN is responsible for the registration and processing of personal data of its staff and project employees. This also applies to personal data of others that collaborate with us in project teams or otherwise or make use of our information sharing facilities. TiFN values a proper protection of your personal data. We will do everything to guarantee your privacy, and therefore, we will handle this data with due care. In this privacy statement it is described how we deal with this matter. Starting point is the legislation in force, including the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (‘General Regulation Data Protection’). For TiFN this comes down to:

  • Registration and processing of your personal data for the purpose this has been provided. The purpose and type of personal data are described in this document;
  • Limitation of your registered personal data to a set minimally required to meet the purpose;
  • Asking for your explicit permission for processing of your personal data;
  • Taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of your personal data;
  • Not passing on personal data to other parties, unless this is required to meet the purpose for which this data has been provided;
  • Awareness of your rights regarding your personal data, alerting you concerning these rights and abiding your rights.

If you have any questions after reading this document and like to contact us, please use the contact information below.

Registration and processing of personal data
Personal data is registered and processed for the purpose of:

  • a staff employment relationship or a project employee relationship
  • a relationship with a stakeholder and its employees
  • a supplier relationship
  • function related contact
  • information dissemination by newsletters, or other personally addressed correspondence including e-mail

For function related contact, for example with financial employees of TiFN, the receipt of your e-mail is considered as a permit to keep and use this e-mail address for future information exchange.

Permission for the use of personal data is a demonstrable consent by e-mail, a subscription for the receipt of newsletters, a link on LinkedIn, or differently.

For these purposes TiFN may request for subsequent personal data:

  • First name
  • Surname prefix (if applicable)
  • Surname
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Company name

Retention period
Your personal data are saved by TiFN to meet one or more of the indicated purposes:

  • During the period a staff employment relationship or a project employee relationship is in place
  • During the period one is a stakeholder or employee of a project partner, a supplier, or considered as an interested party
  • Until withdrawal of your permission

TiFN will save personal data no longer than required for the corresponding purpose or demanded by law.

For our website cookies and similar procedures are utilized. In this way information is sampled regarding the use of our website. This enables us to continuously improve the content and performance of the TiFN website. Sampled information cannot be traced back to individuals.

Distribution to third parties
TiFN will not provide personal data to parties that have no explicit processing agreement with us. We settle an arrangement with such a party to guarantee the security of your personal data. An example of such is the administrator of the TiFN website.
Moreover, TiFN will not distribute any personal data to third parties, unless TiFN is legally obliged to do so. An example is a demand for personal data in the context of a police investigation. It is compulsory for TiFN to meet this request under such condition.

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational actions to protect personal data from illegal – internal – processing and will continue to do so in the future:

  • All persons that may take note of your data on behalf of TiFN have to adhere to its secrecy
  • A user name and password policy is in place for all our electronic systems
  • An admission rights set-up is used for all our electronic systems: an employee has only access to information required for activities related to his TiFN position
  • Our website is equipped with an SSL certificate, identified by https://
  • We regularly test and evaluate these measures
  • Our staff has been informed concerning the importance of personal data protection

Rights concerning your data
You have rights to access, rectify or have personal data deleted that has been received from you before. Moreover, you can object registration and processing of – a part of – your personal data by TiFN or one of its processors. However, for proper execution of an – employment – agreement it is compulsory to register personal data. In case you request removal of – a part of – your personal data, this might seriously hamper collaboration. In extreme cases this may result in the termination of collaboration.

If you have any complaints regarding the processing and storing of your personal data, we like to ask you to immediately contact TiFN so we can jointly come to a proper solution. It is your right to lodge a complaint about to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, PO Box 93374, 2509 AJ Den Haag, The Netherlands. This official authority is supervising the domain of privacy protection.

If you have any questions or remarks following the TiFN privacy statement, please contact us.
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