Sustainable Food Systems

Wouter-Jan Schouten
Theme Director Sustainable Food Systems
Phone: +31 6 22 41 07 61
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The food industry puts a lot of effort in the transition to operating in synergy with the environment, society and economies to meet the needs of consumers worldwide for sufficient, affordable and high quality food. Within Sustainable Food Systems we have taken on a collective challenge to improve food-systems efficiency and efficacy. The research addresses the pressing need to make optimal use of raw materials, water, energy and other resources, while maintaining strict food-quality and food-safety standards.

The theme builds on TiFN’s earlier, agenda-setting research on resource efficiency, packaging recycling and food waste, and follows an integral, chain-wide approach. This is the only way to establish radical changes in sustainable consumption and production. Food Chain Sustainability and Dynamics covers the whole food production chain, from agribusiness to retail. Food industry, retailers and scientists work closely together to develop technologies, methodologies and standards to support the food sector and companies in their long-term ambition to achieve a sustainable food chain.

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