TiFN Retreat 2019: Success through community thinking

Presentations of leading-edge research and the benefits of the TiFN way of working inspired the partners participating in the second TiFN Retreat, held September 2019 in Safaripark Beekse Bergen.

The passion for content, shared by all associated with TiFN, is what resonates most; after a day full of activities it is clear that content is what drives us and our partners. This year’s event had a number of leading-edge presentations: about sustainable farming (Prof. Rogier Schulte); sweetness perception (Prof. Kees de Graaf) and the psychology of brand trust (Erik Schoppen).

The focus for the afternoon session was on the benefits that derive from the TiFN ways of working. It is important to realize that TiFN’s strength lies in our proven success in managing large pre-competitive research projects for all our partners. This success is based on a set of tools that strengthen collaboration and synergy, ensuring all partners can both contribute and benefit fully. We revisited our ways of working and, in particular, the new Results2Success approach.

The third element in our strategy is being actively proud of our human capital. Over 200 TiFN PhDs are working in the international food research and innovation sector. In this respect, TiFN is a force to be reckoned with. Looking to inspire our PhDs with a College Tour style interview, we invited Letteke Boot, Senior Policy Officer at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. As she answered questions from the PhDs about her career choices and personal dilemmas we were given a rare and fascinating glimpse into the world of national and European health policies and into a career perspective that is, perhaps, not so common.

The traditional external lecture, that closes the Retreat, was given by Erik Schoppen. He, too, briefly charted his career path: from early internet software development to creating interactive tools for studying consumer behaviour at, for instance, mass gatherings such as festivals. He added his insights from neuropsychology and demonstrated how brands can be shaped and used to change consumer behaviour towards more sustainable choices. Also for TiFN, as a brand, it is important to nourish our community. We hope the Retreat and our many complimentary activities will continue to support and energize the community.

Click here for the photo album of the Retreat.