Who is who


Name: Ronald Visschers
Function: Managing Director
Phone: +31 (0)88 022 8010
Name: Wouter-Jan Schouten
Function: Theme Director Sustainable Food Systems
Phone: +31 (0)6 22 41 07 61
Name: Rob Beudeker
Function: Theme Director Nutrition and Health
Phone: +31 (0)6 11 58 75 65
Name: Erik van der Linden
Function: Theme Director Sensory and Structure
Phone: +31 (0)317 485417
Name: Steven Angelino
Function: Policy Officer
Phone: +31 (0)88 022 8020
Name: Michiel Sytsma
Function: Finance Officer
Phone: +31 (0)88 022 8050
Name: Ineke de Boer
Function: Controller
Phone: +31 (0)6 224 97 559
Name: Bert van Rees
Function: Communication Officer
Phone: +31 (0)6 484 00 987
Name: Aafke van den Boom
Function: Theme Coordinator
Phone: +31 (0)88 022 8030
Name: Rianne Hermus
Function: Theme Coordinator
Phone: +31 (0)88 022 8040


Rob Hamer (Unilever)
Industry member
Margrethe Jonkman (FrieslandCampina)
Industry member
Katrien van Laere (Danone)
Industry member
Annemie Schols (Maastricht UMC+)
Research organisation
Raoul Bino (Wageningen UR)
Research organisation
Jan Sikkema (UMCG)
Research organisation

Project leaders

Marcel Meinders
Project(s): Sustainable ingredients
Patrick Schrauwen
Project(s): Mitochondrial health
Luc van Loon
Project(s): Anabolic propertions of plant based proteins
Protein and physical activity to improve muscle health in men diagnosed with metastasized prostate cancer
Markus Stieger
Project(s): Smooth bite for all
Herwig Bachmann
Project(s): Evolutionary trade-offs in dairy fermentations
Hans van Trijp
Project(s): Sustainable packages
Han Wösten
Project(s): Heterogeneity in spores of food spoilage fungi
Ellen Blaak
Project(s): The biology behind perceivable benefits
Pieter van 't Veer
Project(s): SHARP-BASIC