Evolutionary trade-offs in dairy fermentations


Project leader: Dr Herwig Bachmann
Time Frame: 2016 – 2020
Project code: 16MF01
Research theme: Microbes and Function
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In engineering and economics trade-offs are well known. Similarly, evolutionary trade-offs in microbial cells are defined as the optimization of one trait at the cost of another. For instance if a cells puts lots of energy into the production of costly molecules like exo-polysaccharides little energy is available for cell growth.

This project focuses on the influence of trade-offs on industrial fermentations. We will investigate the role for key enzymes in dairy fermentations including enzymes involved in growth, (post-) acidification, flavor- and texture formation. Industrially relevant parameters will be investigated including temperature, salt, starvation and pH stress. These conditions change rapidly throughout cheese manufacturing and we will investigate how these changes influence functionality of the starter culture in the fermented dairy product. The results of this project are designed to allow us to develop new starter cultures, shorten lag-phases,  increase flavor formation and shorten cheese ripening times and improve the robustness of the fermentation process.

Round creamy cheese, with a wedge cut out, isolated on white background.