Editorial InTouch

The Corona pandemic has major consequences for everyone, including TiFN. Fortunately, the team is healthy and flexible and we can largely work from home. We are easily accessible by e-mail. The planned TiFN project meetings are now set up as telcos, and fortunately our Zoom technology works flawlessly for good meetings at a distance.

There are concerns for the running projects. Most research has come to a standstill and in many cases this will lead to extra costs and extra lead time. Since it is not clear how long this situation will last, it is currently difficult to estimate what the damage will ultimately be. Naturally, we will work with the project leaders and stakeholders to see how we can solve this per project. We are currently assuming that we can organize the TiFN Retreat again in September and have started the first steps to organize it.

We decided to send out the TiFN InTouch because there are also some bright spots. The 2 new cross-over projects that were approved by NWO at the end of last year will be started up in the near future. The project leaders introduce themselves in this InTouch. There is also news about our way of working. Esther Vermandel is hired as an office assistant / secretary in our team and she also introduces herself in this newsletter.

We wish you all a lot of strength and strength in this difficult period.

On behalf of the entire TiFN team: Ronald Visschers