Or if necessary, they have to adjust their shift according to your requirements. For instance, the Philippines is an offshore development hub for business clients from the United States and other countries. It is rare for management or thought leaders to be parts of offshore teams, as those types of managers and executives are typically part of the core “onshore” team of employees who lead a company.

Usually, offshore teams receive the same benefits as internal teams —the only difference is their geographic location. The best way to communicate with an offshore team is to have at least some time per week or per day to have virtual video meetings or audio calls. It’s important to maintain relationships, trust, confidence and alignment, in order to prevent misunderstandings. To manage an offshore team, a great rule of thumb is to set ground rules for communication, understanding and tracking progress. Whether they work on development or data processing, members of our Philippines team need strong language skills to understand the nuances of native English.

Now, do you need the services of a software development company?

University graduates with specific experience and skills in drafting, estimating, detailing and engineering platforms. Work with your US-based Client Delivery Manager to assist with onboarding, team implementation and two-way employees evaluations. Partner with My Offshore Team and build a integrated global team to complement your local team. Full time staff, no lock-in contracts, vetted by US industry experts and individually hired by you. Of course, with the proliferation of online courses, one could argue that offshore and remote resources can also gather more knowledge, but it is not the same.

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One of the linkages is dependent on the ability to communicate and interact between service delivery personnel and enterprise personnel. Get to know the team socially, understand what they like to do in the evenings. Chances are they have a far more active and exciting social scene than your onshore workplace. Taking an interest in these events both when you’re there and when you’re back at home will go a long way. Have the onshore team cover for them occasionally — they’ll repay the favour tenfold.

Annually visit offshore locations.

If you don’t have that level of direct knowledge try and develop it as far as possible. Make sure the clients know who your team members are and what they look like. Where possible have your team use video calls, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom etc. Put your offshore team photos on org charts which the clients have access to. Make sure their company directory photos are available (and clear and professional, not a fuzzy old photo or one taken at a party/the beach).

We have found that when we move from being order takers to thoughtful and inquisitive designers of the solution, everything comes out even better. There is no single person that creates a robust and highly functioning offshore software development benefits solution alone. When the whole team questions and re-imagines together, the results are boundless. As a result, you can get the poor quality of software, late detection of bugs, and a list of core integration issues.

Pick out a person who has strong leadership qualities and has authority within the team. Distributed teams are becoming increasingly common, creating the need for strong and effective communication across geographic and cultural boundaries. Failing fast, hard, and often is a key principle of Agile software development. U.S. technology startup founders, in particular, are accustomed to displaying their entrepreneurial failures as a badge of honor. The commonly used chat tools are Skype, Google Meet, Slack, and Zoom which are easy to use and transparent. Easier communication through these chat tools not only helps in easier communication for faster project deliveries but for building team relationships and promoting better teamwork.

offshore teams

Every company has encountered the problem of talent gaps at some point in its operations. Focus on fully comprehending the requirements of your business, your product, and the technical infrastructure. Finding the right talent will be simpler if management is in agreement from the start about the skills required. Here are the top tips on how to manage an offshore team effectively to achieve the best outcomes. Besides understanding the partner company, you are responsible for sharing information with the offshore partner about your own goals.

Foster a unified culture among onshore and offshore resources

A trustworthy agency will offer you an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your privacy at all costs. Cost optimization is another part that you need to bear in mind when choosing a partner. We recommend that you should select a flexible offshore development team that offers different prices and support you to choose the one that is suitable for your goals. In that way, you can gain the pricing model that is the most affordable price within your budget. Close direct management is important because often the local managers know their own industry , but the do not know your industry or specific requirements as well as you do. It sounds like unnecessary effort but it pays dividends in understanding the profiles of all your team.

Set the schedule ahead of time, so everyone can also manage their tasks accordingly. Guide your offshore team towards success by discussing your project goals clearly. How do you ensure that they are efficient and productive away from the headquarters? To manage an offshore team, make sure to become friendly with the team members in order to instill confidence in your management style, and a sense of teamwork. Whether stateside or abroad, we work to keep employees engaged and enthusiastic about achieving the company’s vision.

  • Or if necessary, they have to adjust their shift according to your requirements.
  • As you see, even with some risks that outsourcing may bring to the table, with the proper execution and remote dedicated software team by your side, it is still worth the effort.
  • Since the offshore team will likely be on a different time zone from the hiring organization’s one, there is an understandable fear of facing challenges in terms of collaboration.
  • Besides the experience, their technical expertise will be another factor that you should consider.
  • As a result they are often prepared to work crazy hours to keep the job.

With some thoughtfulness and help from technology, it won’t matter if employees are in your backyard or halfway around the world. Allowing remote workers to telecommute can also offer them a better work-life balance so they can be happy, productive employees.6. We’ll spend a little extra money to hire three employees at a time in order to choose the best candidate.

Challenges of Managing Offshore Teams

The most outstanding advantage of this approach is the client involvement. It can be understood as the emphasis on the role of the client in the entire stages of the project. One of the primary advantages of this methodology is to adjust and modify at any point based on the input from clients and the market conditions. Every person working on L13 also worked on L19 for a period of days as part of a strict rota. It was as if something magical happened to a team member the moment they stepped onto the 19th floor and sat within visibility of the clients.

offshore teams

However, you can easily avert these and handle such teams effortlessly by following a few vital pointers. These include clearly defining and communicating your product’s vision and roadmap, overlapping work schedules for seamless collaboration, and using video conferencing for transparent communication. More importantly, you must treat your offshore members as your team to ensure they are comfortable with your company and work to their full potential. Offshore teams usually involve employees operating remotely from various time zones and locations. As they aren’t a part of your in-house team, there can always be bottlenecks caused due to misunderstandings, miscommunications, unclear expectations, etc.

How to Manage Developers as If They Were Your Employees

With this knowledge, choosing a reliable outsourcing service provider is a part of the smart business strategy. For some managers, being in charge of every step on the development timeline is crucial – that’s why working with an independent vendor is an uncomfortable experience. Not being able to ensure the project progresses according to plan is one of the challenges that come with outsourcing.

offshore teams

Also, keep in mind that you can always delegate the HR process to an outer company that will help you with finding an offshore team, saving you a great deal of time. It might cost you some additional money though, so keep that in mind as well. While working on development may seem universal, cross-cultural differences can still impact communication and functioning.

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We stress the importance of strong English language skills in the job description, and we ensure job candidates have those skills during interviews and practical tests before they’re hired.2. We set up offshore teams in the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Malta, Brazil, Grand Cayman, Columbia, Argentina and Ireland. The best way to avoid hard-feelings when working with remote teams is to agree, up-front, on how the performance of the offshore team will be monitored throughout the process. One of the most frequent sources of discontent between clients and virtual teams collaborating on the same project is missed expectations. As a client, you expected to see something done in a specific way but it was delivered in a different manner. To get the most out of regular check-ins with your virtual teams, the best strategy is to maintain a very structured approach so everyone’s time is used effectively, as shown in the image below.

This is because of your immense flexibility when working with such teams. When companies outsource their projects they can concentrate on those business processes that usually fall off of their focus. With the help of offshore developers such activities as marketing strategy, branding, demand planning can be executed during project development and not rushed through once the project is done. There is no standard development practice that allows effective collaboration across time zones and locations.

How to Tech Lead as former software engineer

My business is currently using My Offshore staff for my finance Broking business. The whole process from interview, to the onboarding process was made really easy by the team. Our candidate is doing absolutely amazing and fits right into the business and has been great in the role.

It brings the sense of belongingness that we are a part of the same team and we are working towards the common goal which is betterment of the business. If you follow these tips for productive check-ins, you will likely cut through the noise and get tasks done efficiently in a timely fashion. If a team or consultant has successfully delivered on similar projects in the past, it is a good indicator that they can produce similar results with your project.

Hire team members from countries where English is common, such as the Philippines, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, and some countries in Latin America. When screening candidates, utilize communication tools like Skype or Hangouts to determine whether they are conversationally adept or not. You need an offshore team that is comfortable with the English language so that you can avoid as many misunderstandings as possible that could negatively affect work outcome. Effective collaboration is the key to the successful management of the offshore team. When a work strategy is designed to execute the project, multiple teams play important roles. And, as we have been talking about teams working from different locations, failure in collaboration among these teams will bring failure to the project.