Nutritional impact on specific health aspects

The composition of the diet undoubtedly influences health. The exact effects of certain nutrients, as well as their mode of action in the body, are often unknown. This makes it difficult for industry to develop products with a scientifically proven mode of action.

This innovation challenge has been established to gain – among other things – more understanding of the link between the composition and metabolic activity of the microbiota and of biomarkers related to immune and mucosal health, at all age points. The ultimate goal is to deliver sound scientific proof, which the industry finds relevant.

Research scope

  • Association studies between specified metabolome, diet and microbiome, on gut health and the gastrointestinal epithelial and immune barrier, resulting in the selection of a biomarker profile
  • Investigate which nutritional components/ingredients have an impact on the selected biomarker profile
  • Change the dietary intake to affect biomarkers and measure the impact of this on immune fitness, epithelial integrity and function in different age groups (young, adult and elderly). Eczema, in combination with mucosal integrity, would be an easy way to measure relevant health phenotypes in infants, and might have a partial overlap with low-grade inflammation in the elderly.
  • For infants we have to focus on naturally-occurring immune-related problems. In the adult/elderly population we can consider challenge models.


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