“Practical tools acquired for project management”

Excellent project management improves results; TiFN invests constantly in the professional development of personnel. Recently, Aafke van der Boom completed an extensive training course and  now provides support to project leaders.

“The training programme has provided me with new and additional tools to enable even better support to our projects,” explains Aafke. “It has helped me to understand why we have opted for our current structure and how we can improve in the future. This understanding helps me ensure that project managers stay focused on the goals of the project and are able to identify possible problems at an early stage.”

TiFN has various tools at its disposal for use within projects. Each project starts with an Ambitions-to-Results session in which all participants jointly work out the project plan in detail. In addition, project partners regularly meet in various working groups to discuss progress and make any necessary adjustments. Aafke van der Boom: “These Ambitions-to-Results sessions give our projects the successful start they need. Everyone is aware of what’s expected of them and we are all pulling in the same direction. Project partners also learn what the mutual expectations, wishes and interests are. Periodic meetings also work successfully in these efforts. Another worthwhile addition has been the recently developed Results-to-Success session. Before a project embarks on its final year, the project partners will jointly decide on what the final steps will be to give maximum impact on the project. Now that I have completed my studies, I have a better insight into the added value that our tools give us and the many possibilities they offer us in managing our projects successfully.”