Enable shift in consumer behaviour towards healthy and sustainable diets

Manufacturers working towards a healthier and more-sustainable product portfolio are faced with two consumer-based challenges. Consumers claim that health and sustainability are important influencers of their choices. In practice, factors such as convenience, price and taste will always be the prime main criteria for the consumer purchase decision. In addition, the industry must face the fact that a large group of consumers are quite sceptical about the industry.

The challenge thus is to make it convenient and affordable for consumers to make healthy and sustainable choices for products that taste great. Effective interventions are needed that can inspire millions of consumers with different preferences to choose for a healthy and sustainable diet.

Research scope

  • Design and show efficacy of interventions that facilitate the healthy choice
  • The power of transparency at the moment of buying
  • Business model for a healthy store display: gradual reformulation
  • Design and show efficacy of interventions for consumer appreciation and sense of control
  • New forms of information gathering: serious gaming
  • Effective dialogues (World Food Centre)
  • Self-assessment and nudges